Sabtu, 31 Julai 2010

my heart says

*my heart only for you~my heart will never again be open to others~
*why this happened to me? i know, between us was not at fault..this happens all the requirements of destiny.
*but why me ? we lost contact because apart..wether it should be the reason ?
*sometimes in midnight i cry alone when about the fate of myself.
*i am not willing lose are a good guy for me, perfect for me, and so much good is in you that other guy do not exist...i do not deny it. but, when i know that you already owned by another girl, my heart is broken..even the girl was really beautiful and so heart hurts more when i reading you blog..according the story on your blog, you seem very happy with the girl..i can't accept this reality. if can i want to be by you side back. but, maybe this is just a dream for me..its okay, i still have god and my family..but my life would be better if you with me...
*i want you to know, i'm always hope that you will return to me..i'll wait a moment, like a dream but my heart says it is great hope to be achieved...
*i'm always waiting for you my lover..
*always thinking of you..
*you are my spirit..
*take care always..
*i always pray for your happiness..if it's you needs. but remember the hope i will never change.

today,i'm so tired...but still have time to many assignments given by lecturer..huhu..need time to prepare all that stuff..better stop sleepy..need rest..later i continue if  i've time..papai my dearest bloggie..

Khamis, 29 Julai 2010

my blog

~nothing to say...
*just starting my blog..thanks to blogspot...
*this blog maybe i can write all my memory...
*just a simple girl...